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February 10th, 2009
Cheech Marin on "The Kingfish" from Amos 'n' Andy

Cheech Marin: Oh yeah well “Kingfish” was the, was the scammer and he was always trying to sell Andy Brown something, Andy Brown was the kind of slowest guy and he had somebody working for his din- and Kingfish was the president of Mystic Nights of the Sea Lodge all and, and Luther was trying to sell him a pair of binoculars and so he’s looking at the binoculars and he’s, “Hmm, see that building across the street?”  “Yeah.”  “Hmm, there’s an ant crawling up that building.  Hmm.  Got something in his mouth.  Hmm, a crumb of bread.  Let’s see, whole wheat.” Just cracked me up.  They just had the most absurd humor and I was kind of – black humor’s real surreal.  Sometimes very abstract.  And I had caught onto that early because you know, I was so hammered by it.

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