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February 9th, 2009
Jack Klugman on the Appeal of The Odd Couple

Jack Klugman: Well I think everybody can identify with it.  If you got two of the neatest persons in the world, one is a little neater than the other.  So, to him, that guy’s a slob.  So, clean and dirty is very, very important in people’s lives.  Orderly – I have a son.  If he went into your house, first I have to do when I go over to my son’s, I have to take off my shoes.  He’ll fix your pictures, he’ll straighten them out, he does everything.  He must be in control, he’s a control freak.  That’s what he is.  And the other guy is sloppy.  And Tony understood that.  When – he never was, and I say he was neat for himself – he was trying to help you.  His sounds were wonderful.  He knew what comedy was.  I mean he – when he, his sinuses clogged and he made that sound.  And went crazy.  And nobody ever made that sound the way he did.  Jack Leonard, nobody ever did.  So it’s – he understood comedy, and he understood it very, very well.  And that’s why I think we were a big success.

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