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February 10th, 2009
Max Mutchnick on Will & Grace

Max Mutchnick: I mean if Will & Grace, if Will & Grace made me proud of anything I, I mean now because it’s over I guess I could say I am proud that we kept a dignified gay man who lives with a great deal of integrity at the center of a of a television series for eight years, you know. I always got a lot of heat that we didn’t take the character far enough. That we didn’t see the character sexualize himself enough. And my thinking was always let’s just keep the guy on television. Let’s just show people that this man can exist and that he can be your neighbor, he can be your doctor or he can be your son and we can learn to live with that. And I was I think I was most pleased that the show just stayed on the air. That’s what I’m really proud of.

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