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January 13th, 2009
My Comedian Hero
Jeffrey Ross

Jeffrey Ross: Cheech and Chong was like the first dumb guys I kinda heard doing comedy.  And they were a little bit slower paced.  “Uh, what’d you mean by that?  Huh?  What?”  And, you know, just not hearing things correctly and just like– almost like two Gracies (PH).  And– it was fun to hear that stuff.  I– I was– young to really appreciate it as stoner humor.  To me, it was just dumb guys.  They were like, what we would call burnouts, guys that– you know, we didn’t know much about drugs.  I was too young to really understand about– how marijuana would ruin your brain.  But I did understand it, there was plenty of dirtbags hanging out at the 7-11 that were– dumb, and that’s all they were ever gonna be.  And for me, Cheech and Chong sort of was that.  They gave voice to these idiots that I knew around the neighborhood.

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