About the Film

September 28, 2016

Military Medicine: Beyond the Battlefield, hosted and reported by ABC News correspondent Bob Woodruff, covers military medical advances and technology from the battlefield to the return home. The personal stories of physicians, scientists, active duty troops, veterans, civilians and military families come together in this one hour documentary to show how these advances are both saving and changing the lives of America’s service members.

More than 5,300 U.S. Military service members were killed in action during the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts in the years between 2001 and 2014, but for the thousands of severely wounded who made it to combat hospitals, close to 96% came home alive. The lessons learned from these wars begin with battlefield lifesaving measures, from faster medical evacuation to the increased use of tourniquets, and continue at hospitals and advanced rehabilitation facilities. In this film, military doctors who treated wounded troops both at home and abroad share their experiences and explain what’s changed in military medicine over the past fifteen years.

But higher survival rates bring new issues for injured service men and women. In this hour, Woodruff traces the stories of veterans, surgeons, researchers, rehab experts and families, from hi-tech research centers to rehabilitation facilities, to homes and communities – where this new generation gets to live another life, after combat and after critical injury.

As these stories reveal, the goal of military medicine is to not only save lives, but to make the lives of service members, as well as their families, civilians and future generations better.

Correspondent Bob Woodruff, who was critically injured while covering the war in Iraq in 2006, and who was saved by advances in military medicine, brings his personal understanding of these issues as host and correspondent.