For Educators

Middle School Lesson Plans

  • War and Religion – Background
    Students consider the question of whether the War on Terrorism is a justifiable and appropriate response to recent tragic events.
  • Religion in Public Schools – Background
    Students will explore the controversy surrounding religion in the public schools by conducting research and examining different points of view.
  • The Death Penalty – Background
    Students explore the controversy surrounding capital punishment, consider different viewpoints from religious leaders and communities, and work on developing and supporting their own positions on the issue.
  • Traditions and Transformations- Background
    How do religious traditions endure or transform over time? In this lesson plan, middle school students learn about Jewish culture as a living, changing tradition and relate it to traditions in their own life.
  • Bioethics: Where the Future May Take Us – Background
    In this unit, students explore the promise and the perils of cloning, brain imaging technology, and other high-tech medical care.
  • Faith-Based Initiatives: Separation of Church and State – Background
    In this lesson, students explore the complex territory where church and state intersect.
  • Dishonesty – Background
    In this lesson, students will examine the pros and cons of honesty and dishonesty. They will consider whether some lies are acceptable and ethical or dishonesty should be avoided at all costs.
  • Resistance to Parents – Background
    In this lesson, students will consider instances in which it is reasonable for children to oppose the demands of their parents. They will discuss requests that could put children at risk of physical or emotional injury, and they will recognize instances in which a parent's demands may be read as abusive.
  • On Being Hindu … and American – Background
    There are about two million Hindus of Indian origin living in the United States. There are accomplishments in "acculturation" and some challenges too, particularly as younger generations of Hindu Americans become more Americanized and removed from their ethnic and religious origins.