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Evolution vs. Intelligent Design – Background


In this lesson, students will explore the ways the arguments surrounding evolution versus intelligent design have affected relationships among people of different religious backgrounds. They will determine whether relationships among scientists, religious leaders, teachers, parents, students and school boards have been strained as a result of these arguments, or if the debate has inspired people to consider new theories or possibilities about the creation of humans. Students will determine how religion affects beliefs about the evolution and/or intelligent design of humans, and they will examine how these beliefs differ among religious groups. Students will also consider how or if the sides of this debate can be reconciled. (For example, is it possible that a higher power steered human evolution?)

Grade Level:

Grades 9-12

Time Allotment:

4-5 45-minute class periods

Subject Matter:

Evolution, Language Arts, Religion, Science

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Explore various beliefs about evolution and the intelligent design of humans.
  • Discuss the controversy surrounding the evolution vs. intelligent design debate.
  • Examine the ways religious beliefs affect one’s position in this debate.
  • Consider other possible theories regarding the creation and progress of humans.


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