For Educators

Teacher Resources – Videos and DVDs

Annenberg Media: Ethics in America
Video instructional series on ethics for college and high school classrooms and adult learners that uses the Socratic method to build analytical skills and examine ethical questions.

Films Media Group
Myriad titles on ethics, religion and philosophy.

Freaks like Me directed by David Holbrooke
Documentary that captures how “the faithful” attempt to better understand each other and break down the fears of each other’s traditions.

Integrity Matters: Character Videos for Kids
Character education videos for elementary school children.

PBS: Religion & Ethics Weekly Videotapes and DVDs
Video resources on bioethics, Islam, religious diversity, and the ethics of war and peace.

What Do You Believe? by Sarah Feinbloom
Documentary that profiles diverse group of teenagers as they share their most personal beliefs about God, the purpose of life, morality, suffering, prayer, death and religious freedom in the United States.