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Germany’s ‘Stonehenge’, 9,000 Year Old Tools Found and More Unearthed Secrets


A roundup of Secrets in the News for June 2021.

Ancient people lived at German ‘Stonehenge,’ site of brutal human sacrifices

Live Science: GERMANY – Germany’s “Stonehenge,” an ancient site known for its ritual use and gruesome human burials, also served another purpose: Some people called it home, according to archaeologists who recently found evidence of residential dwellings there. [read more]


Researchers have detected DNA from Yersinia pestis, the bacterium that causes Black Death

Archaeology Magazine: ENGLAND – Researchers have detected DNA from Yersinia pestis, the bacterium that causes Black Death, in the teeth of people buried in a fourteenth-century parish cemetery and friary in Cambridge and in the nearby village of Clopton. [read more]


3200-year-old shrine in Turkey may be an ancient view of the cosmos

New Scientist: TURKEY – A shrine built more than 3000 years ago in what is now Turkey may be a symbolic representation of the cosmos, with symbolic meanings relating to the underworld, the earth and sky. [read more]


9,000-Year-Old Obsidian Tools Recovered from Great Lake

Archaeology Magazine: TEXAS –  9,000-year-old tools made from obsidian quarried in central Oregon have been found some 2,000 miles away at an undisturbed archaeological site now submerged in Lake Huron. [read more]


Archaeologists investigate mystery of graves reopened 1,400 years ago

Live Science: FRANCE – People living across Europe around 1,400 years ago had a habit of reopening graves and taking out objects for reasons that archaeologists are trying to understand, according to a new study. [read more]


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