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About the Series


Part detective story, part true-life drama, SECRETS OF THE DEAD explores some of the most iconic moments in history to debunk myths and shed new light on past events. Using the latest investigative techniques, forensic science and historical examination to unearth new evidence, the series shatters accepted wisdom, challenges prevailing ideas, overturns existing hypotheses, spotlights forgotten mysteries, and ultimately rewrites history.

The long-running, award-winning series covers such topics as the Salem witch trials, the tomb of Christ, the black plague, the Allied hunt for Nazi scientists, The sinking of the Titanic, D-Day, and the ill-fated South Pole expedition of Robert F. Scott.  The series has received ten CINE Golden Eagle Awards, five Gold Camera Awards at the US International Film & Video Festival, three News and Documentary Emmy Award nominations and a Chicago International Silver Hugo, among numerous other honors.

Here on the SECRETS OF THE DEAD Web site, watch full episodes from the series–including the recent Emmy-nominated Doping For Gold, see previews of upcoming episodes, and explore featured stories with a range of topical essays and interactives.


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