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Production Biographies

Steve Talley – Producer

Steve Talley’s experience in factual television extends over a wide range of historical, scientific and current affairs programming and includes experience filming on four continents from Armenia to Vietnam.

With a keen interest in history, archaeology and religion, Steve has studied at Princeton and Harvard Universities and UCLA and has recently received his M.A. in Anthropology from the University of Otago. He has also written, directed and produced numerous programs for a range of North American networks including Discovery Networks, National Geographic Channels, NBC, PBS and A&E.

While working at NHNZ as an Executive Producer from 2001-2005 Steve developed China’s Man Made Marvels for NHNZ as well as executive producing the pilot episodes The Great Wall and Beijing Makeover.

Previous projects produced by this globetrotting producer include Treasure and Death, an intriguing archaeological story of discovery in a Moche tomb in Peru, China Megastructures and the two-part Secrets of the South Pacific series for Discovery Travel Channel, Extreme Rituals of the South Pacific, also with Discovery Travel Channel and the acclaimed 2004 The Diva Mummy, a co-production with NGCI combining history, forensic science and archaeology. Since 2004 Steve has produced or supervised eleven programs for NHNZ in China.



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