Cleopatra’s Lost Tomb - Dig deeper into Taposiris Magna


Designer: Kyle Sweet, Producer: Chie Miyajima

Designer: Kyle Sweet, Producer: Chie Miyajima

The Site:
Amateur archaeologist Kathleen Martinez revisits Taposiris Magna in search for Cleopatra’s tomb. The site gets its name from the presence of what is thought to be a temple dedicated to Osiris, the god of the dead, highlighted below.

Kathleen explores the previously unearthed ruins of the temple and discovers overlooked artifacts. Is there more to this site than previously thought?

The Dig:
Kathleen has a hunch that these ancient ruins, thought to have once been a temple complex dating from Cleopatra’s reign, houses the remains of the famous Queen.

Her exploration of the site unearths previously overlooked underground tunnels.

The Tunnels:
The discovery of a network of tunnels and chambers reinforce Kathleen’s hunch that Cleopatra’s tomb could be hidden underneath Taposiris Magna.

Inside the tunnels, pieces of a temple are found, along with human skeletal remains. Could these skeletal fragments belong to ancient priests who met an untimely demise protecting their Queen’s tomb?