Clip | Hannibal in the Alps - An Attack in the Gorge

When Hannibal’s army came to a gorge in the mountain, it put them in a very vulnerable position. They ran into┬ásome Celtic tribesmen who attacked them by hurling boulders from the top, picking the soldiers and animals off one by one.

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Slowly marching through the gorge put them in a very vulnerable position.

And local tribes were only too eager to take advantage of it.

Eve: He runs into some locals who pretend to be friendly, so-called friendly guides, but he''s suspicious.

And two days into this march, Polybius tells us that these new friends attacked the Carthaginians as they were traversing a certain difficult and precipitous gorge.

And this gorge here fits that description quite well.

So just try to image, all up above here Celtic tribesmen hurling boulders, rocks, projectiles, anything they could find down on the soldiers and the animals, and picking them off one by one The horses went mad with terror at the wild shouts, which echoed and re-echoed ever more loudly from the forests and mountain sides, while chance blows and wounds so panicked them that they wrought havoc among the men.

You can imagine the noise, the chaos, the animals turning around, people dodging, trying to take cover; people are falling into the river.

And there was no way for them to defend themselves.

The tribesmen took whatever plunder they could.