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Secrets European Tour

This July, stream these Secrets episodes and uncover mysteries in four European stops.

Can’t catch a flight this summer? Join Secrets of the Dead for a European Tour featuring some of our favorite episodes now streaming on

This month, the Secrets European Tour highlights episodes that take place in Sweden, England, France and Italy. We explore the archaeological wonders and scientific mysteries unearthed by experts that are challenging the common understanding and sharing fresh perspectives on historical events.

Check out the Secrets European Tour stops below!

Bjorko, Sweden

We start at the sight of Hjalmar Stolpe’s 1878 discovery of Bj 581, one of the most significant Viking graves ever found in this latest Secrets installment, Viking Warrior Queen.

Whittlesey, UK

Next, we cross the North Sea to the edge of Must Farm Quarry in an area southeast of Britain known as the Fens, where a team of archaeologists are uncovering the charred remains of a 3,000-year-old English settlement in After Stonehenge.

Paris, France

For our third stop, we travel to the world-famous Louvre Museum, where experts unravel the clues behind the mystery of Leonardo da Vinci’s legendary portrait in Mona Lisa Mystery.

Ventotene Island, Italy

Finally, we travel to the archaeological site where a team of marine archaeologists discovered the wrecks of five ancient Roman ships in pristine condition in The Lost Ships of Rome.



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