The Death of Romeo and Juliet

Use this video to dive deeper into the “if only” moments resulting in the suicides of Romeo and Juliet in this activity from Shakespeare Uncovered.

Inspiration for Romeo and Juliet

In this activity from Shakespeare Uncovered, students learn about the Arthur Brooke’s poem that inspired Shakespeare to write Romeo and Juliet.

The Balcony Scene

This video resource from Shakespeare Uncovered explores the famous balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet.


Learn about Othello’s wife Desdemona in this activity from Shakespeare Uncovered.

The Handkerchief

In this video from Shakespeare Uncovered, learn about how a small piece of cloth—a handkerchief–sets the tragedy of the Othello in motion.

Othello’s Vulnerability

Othello is often thought of as a strong, military man, but this activity from Shakespeare Uncovered reveals the softer, more vulnerable side of the man.