Series I: Shakespeare in Richmond, VA

In conjunction with Shakespeare Uncovered, WCVE PBS in Richmond, VA is creating a series of one- to two-minute short programs featuring showstopper Shakespeare moments performed by the professional actors from the renowned Richmond Shakespeare organization. Check them out below!

Bard Bits: “Shakespeare’s a Riot”

Bard Bits: “Thees and Thous”

Bard Bits: “Shakespeare, So English”

Bard Bits: “News of the Day”

Bard Bits: “Shakespeare: A 400 Year Love Affair”

Bard Bits: “Shakespeare’s Comedies and Clowns”

Bard Bits: “Shakespeare’s Language–Old and Antique?”

Bard Bits: “Real Shakespeare is Preserved on the Page”

Bard Bits: “Shakespeare: Just a Bunch of Big Words”

Queen Elizabeth I Visits Agecroft Hall