The Education SPARK, Lakewood, CO

TEDxCrestmoorParkED, presented by Colorado Public Television, featured The Education SPARK on October 24, 2013, in Lakewood, CO. This live, interactive event featured dynamic speakers who talked about the importance of physical education in the learning environment, dropout prevention strategies, and a variety of innovative education initiatives. Watch videos below to view talks featured at the event, as well as a special Colorado Public Television Studio 12 episode featuring some of the speakers.

Studio 12: Sparking Your Kids’ Brains

Host Tamara Banks talks with fitness, neuroscience and education experts about groundbreaking research that shows the positive effects of exercise on kids’ brains. Guests include Dr. John Ratey, author of Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain; brain/exercise expert, Kim Bevill; Principal Ryan West; student Mae Thompson; and dropout expert, Steve Dobo.

Christen Bakken

Christen Bakken, a Yogi and former teacher who left being a teacher in the hope of serving children’s hearts, gives a Brain Break to the audience full of educators. With her experience teaching yoga in schools to help children, teachers, and parents move she gives lessons about yoga and life.

Kim Bevill

Kim Bevill brings her 14 years of teaching and more recent experience working with educators to stop the dropout phenomenon to the TEDx stage. She explains how getting kids moving helps their ability to think, process, focus, and succeed in school.

Jessica Clayton

Jessica Clayton describes how she uses movement and dance to help kids read, learn math, and more. Watch Jessica’s talk and see her and some of her students perform.

Steve Dobo

Steve Dobo talks about his own experience feeling invisible as a child and discusses the importance of adults letting kids know that they see them. He talks about the need to strive for a zero dropout rate and believes a simple step towards achieving that goal is looking kids in the eye and saying, “I see you” and practices this exercise with a roomful of educators.

Stacie Gilmore

In this talk, Stacie Gilmore describes how she and her husband worked together to create Environmental Learning for Kids (ELK), an organization devoted to helping teach kids about the outdoors. She also discusses the rewards of following her gut.

David Kollar

David Kollar talks about how authentic connections between parents and children at school can help decrease dropout rates and close the achievement gap. He discussed how without parents involvement, kids have a much harder time and elementary school is critical to student’s academic and social outcomes. He emphasizes the importance of having schools provide opportunities for mentoring and role models in school and, especially, opportunity for fathers to be engaged in these types of programs.

Lisa Lee

Lisa Lee, a teacher with 25 years’ experience, talks about the importance of teachers respecting and valuing their students and making the classroom a safe place to learn. She discusses that if teachers reach the “inner core” first, it is easier to teach the Common Core.

Darius Richards

6th grader, Darius Richards, talks about his self-discovery about the importance of recess and how increased movement during the school day helps him do better in school.

Reggie Rivers

Former Denver Broncos running back Reggie Rivers discusses how focusing specifically on goals is the one sure way NOT to achieve them. With humor and insight, he explains how focusing on behaviors is the best way to achieve goals.

Mae Thompson

Teenager Mae Thompson discusses the importance of creating youth – adult partnerships and the three principles involved in creating those partnerships.

Janine Underhill

Janine Underhill of IDEA 360 discusses the power of pictures and storytelling and shares her belief that we have 8 seconds to capture the hearts and minds of kids. She challenges the audience to ask provocative questions and continue the journey of sharing stories.

Cyrus Weinberger

Cyrus Weinberger, the founder and principal of Red Hawk Elementary School in Erie, Colorado, discusses how he successfully incorporated rigorous physical activity into every school day and how that has led to improved academic performance and improved student attitudes about school. He discusses how this model can be implemented in every school at little to no cost. He describes how he created the Red Hawk Elementary Teacher Toolkit, based on his own experiences as a child, as well as his research about the positive effects of physical fitness and healthy eating on student attitude and performance.

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