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Brazil in Black and White: Vocabulary and Resources

glossary, suggested reading and Web sites

Jun 1st, 2009

Brazil in Black and White: Themes and Video Segments

This is a list of important themes and video segments that can be used in classroom discussions of Brazil in Black and White.

Jun 1st, 2009

Taking “The Tall Test”: Chinese Prep School: Lesson Overview

In this lesson, students will use video segments from China Prep to examine the culture of a Chinese prep school as its graduating class studies for the national college entrance exam. Contained within are lesson activities as well as video segments which can be used on their own or in conjunction with the lesson.

May 31st, 2009

Taking “The Tall Test”: Chinese Prep School: Video Segments

May 31st, 2009

World Links: Alleged Nazi Extradited, Gas Attacks Sicken Afghan Girls

A roundup of links to local stories of global importance from around the world.

May 12th, 2009

Time for School Series: Video: Kenyan Girls’ Songs

Students at the Ayany Primary School in Nairobi sing out about HIV/AIDS, sexuality, and the plight of women in Africa.

Apr 1st, 2009

First Female Cabinet Minister

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia shook up his kingdom by boldly appointing the first female minister to his government cabinet earlier this week.

Feb 19th, 2009

Meet the New Administration

What do Joe Biden, Leon Panetta, and Hillary Clinton have in common? They're all expected to serve in high-level positions in the Obama administration, and they've all appeared as distinguished guests on WIDE ANGLE.

Jan 22nd, 2009

Educating Girls

The correlation between education and population growth.

Dec 17th, 2008

India Deems Education a Fundamental Right

The Indian Union Cabinet passed the long-pending Right to Education Bill, paving the way for free and compulsory education for all.

Nov 19th, 2008

Saudi Arabia’s First Women’s University

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has announced plans to build the first women-only university in the kingdom, and vows that it will be the largest women’s university in the world.

Oct 31st, 2008

Lesson Plans

These lesson plans and activities for middle and high school classes serve as a guide to exploring the themes of WIDE ANGLE films.

Oct 16th, 2008

China Prep: Credits

Credits for China Prep.

Aug 14th, 2008

China Prep: Aaron Brown Interview: Vanessa Fong

Aaron Brown sits down with Vanessa Fong, assistant professor of education at Harvard University, whose work has focused on Chinese youth and identity.

Aug 13th, 2008

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