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August 14th, 2007
Gaza E.R.

The internet holds a vast amount of information about Gaza and the Palestinians. Learn more by exploring these links.





  • “Gaza Strip” directed by James Longley
    Filmed in verit� style and without narration, this feature documentary captures the lives of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip struggling with the day-to-day trials of the Israeli occupation.
  • HBO “Hot House”
    A timely and disturbing look at how Israeli prisons have become the breeding ground for the next generation of Palestinian leaders – as well as the birthplace of future terrorist threats.
  • PBS FRONTLINE/WORLD “In the Line of Fire”
    Reviews the dilemmas and dangers reporters have faced covering the violence in the West Bank and Gaza.
  • PBS FRONTLINE/WORLD “Inside Hamas”
    Gaining access to Hamas�s political leadership and to its secretive military wing, the program portrays an organization teetering between a political awakening and a familiar cycle of bloody resistance.
  • PBS POV “Promises”
    Filmmakers travel to Jerusalem to see what seven children � Palestinian and Israeli � think about war, peace and growing up. Through candid interviews, the film explores a legacy of distrust and bitterness, but signs of hope emerge when some of the children dare to cross the checkpoints to meet one another.
  • PBS WIDE ANGLE “Pickles Inc.”
    In the Galilean village of Tamra, Israel, widows lead a cloistered and restricted life and often live below the poverty line, struggling to raise their children on a monthly social security allowance from the state.
  • PBS WIDE ANGLE “Suicide Bombers”
    In a series of unique, powerful, and revealing interviews from inside Israeli prisons, this film examines the minds of Palestinian suicide bombers.


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