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Journalist shooting a photo

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Journalist lies shot on the ground

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Video Length: 19:14

FRONTLINE/World reviews the dilemmas and dangers reporters have faced covering the violence in the West Bank and Gaza over the past several years. Canadian TV producer Patricia Naylor interviews Palestinian cameramen and other journalists who say they have been shot by Israeli soldiers. [This story was originally broadcast in March of 2003, with an encore broadcast on many PBS stations June 5, 2003].
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The Most Dangerous Places for Journalists - Click on a country-by-country breakdown of dangers reporters face.

Update, August 2003 - Mazen Dana Killed in IraqInterview With Patricia Naylor: When Journalists Become Targets
FRONTLINE/World correspondent Patricia Naylor says that reporting this story was "the most dangerous thing I've ever done." Read about her background in the region and her take on the people and events profiled.

Update, June 2003 - More Fire -- More FallenThe Palestinians and the Press
While "In the Line of Fire" focused on violence at the hands of the Israel Defense Forces, press freedom organizations have also condemned the Palestinian Authority's draconian treatment of the media. Read about the significant risks to journalists reporting from Palestinian-controlled zones.

CamelStanding Up for the Reporters
Joel Campagna of the Committee to Protect Journalists answers questions about how his organization weighs contradictory claims of abuse and comments on current conditions for reporters on the ground in conflict zones.

Divergent Israeli Views
Two Israelis -- a government spokesman and a prominent journalist -- square off over press restrictions and the treatment of Palestinian reporters.

Editor's note: This page was slightly updated in June of 2003 for the encore broadcast of "In the Line of Fire."