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June 10th, 2008
Additional Web Resources

IUNC’s Redlist

A database of threatened species compiled by The World Conservation Union. Provides taxonomic, conservation status, and distribution information on taxa that have been globally evaluated to determine the relative risk of extinction. Includes a series of colorful photo galleries.


Search through a database of 28,900 species for detailed information on population dynamics, genetics, morphology, trophic ecology, physiology, ecotoxicology, reproduction, etc. Search by common name, scientific name, family, country, or ecosystem. Also includes a glossary, biodiversity maps, and more.

Executive Summary of the Pew Oceans Commission Report

A 166-page report of recommendations for a new US ocean policy delivered Mary 2003 to Congress by the Pew Oceans Commission chaired by Leon Panetta.

Centre for European Reform: The EU’s Common Fisheries Policy

A four-page briefing on how to reform the European Union’s Common Fisheries Policy.

European Union Department of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs

Includes links to publications, press releases, speeches, legislation, frequently asked questions, and more.

The Cod Crusaders

A North East Scotland based group fighting to save the future of the Scottish Fishing Industry, which was profiled in “Gutted”.

The Scottish Executive Fisheries

Scottish Executive departmental news about fisheries.

FAO Fisheries Department

Fisheries and information center for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Includes a Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries, reports on the state of the world’s fisheries and aquaculture, as well as a special feature on Mediterranean Fisheries.

NOAA Fisheries Service

Web site for the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration’s Fisheries Service. Features information on aquaculture, bycatch, recreational fisheries, and more.

NOAA Photo Library

Albums and catalogs containing more than 20,000 images, including a new collection of fisheries images.

Overfishing: A Global Challenge

An assortment of perspectives from the U.S. State Department on the global problem of overfishing. Includes commentary, facts and figures, and additional resources.

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Seafood Watch

A detailed guide to helping make seafood choices that are good for you as well as the ocean. Includes a comprehensive database of popular seafood items that lists each fish’s endangerment status as well as possibly harmful side effects of the fishing methods used to capture that fish. Also includes articles on “Why Your Choices Matter” and “What You Can Do.”

Oceans Alive: Eat Smart

Another comprehensive guide to consuming environmentally-friendly seafood, created by The Environmental Defense Oceans program. Also includes a guide to fish oil supplements, an article on “Seafood and Health,” a guide to buying seafood, and recipes.

NOW: The Mercury Story

A special “Science and Health” investigation into the possible risk of being exposed to dangerously high mercury levels from tuna fish.

What You Need to Know About Mercury in Fish and Shellfish

A collaborative report from March 2004 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

U.S. Tuna Foundation

Hear the tuna industry’s argument in the debate about mercury levels in tuna fish.

Empty Oceans

This PBS site was updated to reflect the sequel to Empty Oceans, Empty Nets-Farming the Seas and includes an Interactive Fish Card.

Empty Oceans: Seafood Choices
Because the global market responds blindly to demand, voting with your wallet is one of the most direct ways to support management measures that work.

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