What Can You Do?

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Because the global market responds blindly to demand, voting with your wallet is one of the most direct ways to support management measures that work. Without this vote, the ways in which fish are caught or farmed are less likely to change, which is why a growing number of fishermen, merchants and scientists agree that responsible seafood choices are critical. The future of our marine resources, they say, depends on each and everyone one of us.

When Buying Seafood

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Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program is based on the latest information from fisheries scientists and managers. They have developed a list of the best seafood products to buy and others that they recommend not purchasing. To download or order a wallet-sized consumer seafood guide, visit: www.mbayaq.org/cr/seafoodwatch.asp

The Blue Ocean Institute's Seafood Guide explains the reasons why some fish and shellfish are better picks than others. Download or order the wallet sized card and bring it to restaurants and places where you purchase fish to know the most ocean-friendly choices: www.blueoceaninstitute.org/seafood

When Fishing or Selling Fish

Marine Stewardship Council Can of tuna with MSC label

Learn about environmental standards developed by the MSC for sustainable and well-managed fisheries. The MSC uses a product label to reward environmentally responsible fishery management and practices.

As of yet, there is no U.S. based certification process for an eco-label for farmed fish and shellfish products that consumers can rely upon. Scientists, conservation organizations and industry experts are, however, working to develop “Best Management Practices” for sustainable aquaculture that may also serve as criteria for an independent, third-party certification program within the next few years.

The Seafood Choices Alliance provides fishermen, chefs and other purveyors with the information they need to make sound choices about seafood and provide the best options to their customers.

Sourcing Seafood - A Professional 's Guide to Procuring Ocean-Friendly Fish and Shellfish

This resource guidebook provides seasonality charts, conservation notes, and health advisories, a directory of more than 300 suppliers and profiles of progressive fishermen and fish farmers.

Get Connected

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The Environmental Defense Oceans Alive Program works to find constructive solutions to the most critical problems facing the world's marine environments. They also have a Seafood Selector card to help guide you to the best choices for our oceans.

The Ocean Project's Seas the Day website helps visitors around the world learn about how they can take personal action to help our oceans. www.seastheday.org

Oceana is building an international movement to save the oceans through science and economics, legal action, grassroots mobilization, and public education.