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July 25th, 2006
Class of 2006

Men spill out from a mosque in the streets of Rabat, Morocco during Friday prayer.

Credit: Charlotte Mangin

U.S. Department of State: Morocco
The U.S. State Department’s official assessment of current conditions in the Kingdom of Morocco.

CIA World Factbook — Morocco
The current assessment of Morocco’s geography, economy, politics and culture from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

Access Islam
Features video segments about Islam from the award-winning PBS series RELIGION & ETHICS NEWSWEEKLY, lesson plans and other educational resources for students in grades 4-8.

FRONTLINE examines Islam’s worldwide resurgence thorugh the stories of diverse Muslims struggling to define the role of Islam in their lives and societies.

Islam: Empire of Faith
Web site for the PBS special which explored more than a thousand years of Muslim history and culture.

Women outside the door of the women’s section of a mosque in Rabat, Morocco after Friday prayer.

Credit: Charlotte Mangin

LexicOrient is an interactive enclyclopedia of people, places and concepts pertaining to North Africa and the Middle East.

Arab World Institute
The mission of the Arab World Institute museum in France is to present Arab-Islamic civilization from its origins through the present day.
A Web site dedicated to understanding Islam.

The Global Fund for Women
The Global Fund for Women, a grantmaking foundation, supports organizations which promote educational access and economic independence for women and which combat violence against women around the world.

Association for Women’s Rights in Development
The Association for Women’s Rights in Development is an International membership organization working to connect, inform and mobilize people and organizations committed to achieving women’s rights.

A Web site on religion.

BBC World Service: Religions of the World: Islam
This site offers an introduction to Islam and explains some of its key aspects.

University of Pennsylvania: Historical Maps of Islam
Historical maps of Islam.

Moroccan Ministry of Islamic Affairs
The Ministry of Islamic Affairs in Morocco oversees the 40,000 mosques in the kingdom of Morocco, the content of sermons and religious textbooks, and the training of religious leaders such as the Religious Scholars Council. (Web site in French and Arabic.)

Murshidat, or female religious leaders, enter school.

Credit: Charlotte Mangin

The Democratic League for Women’s Rights
The Democratic League for Women’s Rights, Fouzia Assouli’s organization, runs community centers in 17 regions of Morocco providing such services as shelters for battered women, literacy programs for women, and legal assistance for women seeking a divorce. (Web site in French.)

Justice and Charity
The Web site of Nadia Yassine, daughter of the founder of the Moroccan movement AL ADL WAL IHSSAN (Justice and Charity Association). Currently facing prosecution for statements she made in 2005 denouncing the monarchy, Ms. Yassine is a lecturer and author of numerous articles about women in Islam, the Moroccan Family Code, Palestinian issues, Iraq, human rights, and the government of Morocco.

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