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Sister Martha

The road to peace is built by teachers of peace, and one of those teachers is Sister Martha Ann Kirk, CCVI, a professor at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas. Kirk teaches peace based on theology, and speaks from her own decades of peace building around the world.

AIRED: 3/26/2019 | 00:05:25
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A violent world is not a fair world.

All people need respect.

All people need an opportunity to live in peace.

In the 1960s when I saw the terrible suffering racism going on in our country and especially the Vietnam War and seeing my classmates and relatives and others suffer intensely I knew that we needed to raise this issue and do all we possibly can for a more peaceful world where it can be just the problems of us.

And I'm too proud with a justice will bring about peace says the prophet Isaiah.

And then Pope Paul the 6 to 1972 but that a little bit more dynamically.

If you want peace work for justice I want you to be aware that all of the great religions of the world at their very very center have an idea of a compassionate creator that loves all of the human family in 1967.

I knew that I needed to be a voice for peace in the world.

I need to be a voice that says the burning and the bombing are not making things better.

I've been trying to get to know more and more Sikhs and work together for peace in the world.

May or may I talk to you here anyway.

My my name is Sister Bartha and I am a really the holy book we read.

It tells that God created us equal.

It didn't created us different.

So we have to treat everyone equal.

So if we are good to others automatically people will be good to us.

It'll take time but yes well we'll spread peace.

Nice to see they've heard about it but very often they have given up on the idea.

We are in a culture in which we are saturated by violence.

We are a family of many many different countries.

Many many different cultures.

We need each other.

And my scarf from my friend in Gaza.

My Palestinian friend who came here to study and gives me courage that we can make a beautiful world a world of many colors many cultures a world of many dances and songs enjoy how much we need the joy how much we need the beauty of all these cultures I have stirred it from the 70s the 80s the 90s the early 2000s who return and thank me thanked me for both efforts to find inner peace and efforts to think about others in the world as our companions rather than our enemies.

Things are getting better more people are focusing on this issue and with the Internet and with efforts like global citizenship education we are becoming stronger and stronger as we say we are one global family.