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  1 It looks like this year there's less anti-government sentiment than in recent years, do you think being a politician is now acceptable to voters?  
PAUL TAYLOR replies:

Well, I think the most interesting political trend so far this year is the absence of anger at incumbents, and that is reflected, I don't pretend that I've seen a whole lot of political ads, but I've read articles about people who've looked at the political ads and that's the dominant thing that comes out. That it's okay to be an incumbent these days.

You saw that in California. You saw that in races around the country. The second interesting thing is the absence of a unifying issue. It's a very, very diffuse issue agenda, and the Washington scandals which have certainly dominated the headlines in Washington political coverage for six months now are not playing in political advertising. It's the dog that is not barking.
  Paul Taylor
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