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The Generation Gap

Talking about your generation.

What do different generations think of each other? Take our interactive poll – the answers await.

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  • Have you ever felt that older people didn't understand your problems? Do you feel like younger people have no sense of what's really important? That's probably because there's a generational gap of experience. Because they're older, or younger, it seems you share no common ground.

    Or do you?

    In the following essays and interactive poll, you'll discover that there's more to every generation than you might think.

    Learn More About Generational Issues
    Generations United, a national membership organization that promotes intergenerational strategies, programs, and public policies, has contributed the following essays, each of which explores a different but related facet of generational issues facing families like the Gonzalez clan. For more information, please visit the Generations United web site at

    Sharing Family Traditions and Stories
    Every family has unique, treasured family traditions and stories that can help keep different generations connected.

    Multigenerational Families
    Having a multigenerational family presents a unique set of challenges and benefits.

    People of All Ages
    Programs that bring generations together can provide young and old alike with rewarding experiences.

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