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Marie Webster
Quote:  America's first quilt celebrity, credited wth quietly reviving the art of quilt making."Grapes and Vines"
1914. 76" x 76"
Collection of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Webster Collection.

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Marie WebsterMarie Webster was an influential early 20th century quilt designer, author and successful businesswoman. In 1915 she wrote Quilts: Their Story and How to Make Them, the first book ever published on American quiltmaking.

Popular demand for her quilt patterns led to a mail order business, The Practical Patchwork Company, run with the help of family and friends from her home in Marion, Indiana.

Marie was inducted into the Quilters Hall of Fame in 1991 and her house in Indiana, a National Historic Landmark, has been selected to become the future home of the Quilters Hall of Fame.

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