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About Ironbound Films

Ironbound Films is an independent video production company based in Garrison, New York, in an old inn on the east bank of the Hudson River. Ironbound founders Seth Kramer and Daniel A. Miller have produced, written, and directed more than thirteen hours of documentaries for PBS; occasional shows for A&E, The Discovery Channel, ESPN, and AMC; and videos for corporations, schools, museums, and cultural institutions nationwide. They have won numerous awards and each been nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Historical Programming. Their work has been featured in festivals, exhibits, and screenings around the world.

After working together for Great Projects Film Company for more than seven years, Seth and Daniel founded Ironbound in 2003. Jeremy S. Newberger, a field producer for America Rebuilds II, joined them as CEO in 2005. Ironbound has since earned several prestigious production grants for television documentaries and a roster of distinguished clients for non-broadcast video, from Fortune 500 companies to nonprofit organizations.

Ironbound's television production is primarily for PBS broadcast. Films currently in the works include:

Ironbound Films: The Last Speakers

'The Last Speakers'

Every two weeks, the world loses one language. The Last Speakers races from the mountains of Taiwan to the swamplands of Siberia, from the shantytowns of South Africa to the reservations of North America, to keep up with the linguists, activists, teachers, and students confronting this crisis on the frontlines. Nothing less than our heritage, understanding of science, and diversity are at stake.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grants No. 0452417 and 0438121 and the Nonprofit Media Group.

Ironbound Films: Two Valleys

'Two Valleys'

Two Valleys dances delicately between the war-torn Jordan Valley, where a nascent Palestinian democracy seems ripe for the introduction of a digital infrastructure, and a struggling Silicon Valley, where planners wrestle with the blueprints. With exclusive behind-the-scenes access, Two Valleys surveys the treacherous terrain for the Middle East's information superhighway.

Ironbound Films: Counted


Counted documents Seth Kramer's self-imposed task of counting six million grains of rice to honor victims of the Holocaust. It follows Seth's 1994 short Untitled, a humorous and haunting log of the first million grains.

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