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Credits & Underwriters

Television Program Credits

A production of

Great Projects Film Company, Inc.

And Ironbound Films, Inc.

Executive Producers

Kenneth Mandel
Daniel B. Polin

Written and Produced by

Seth Kramer
Daniel A. Miller

Edited by

Doug Abel
Michael Sheehan

Principal Photography

Roger T. Grange, III
Justin Schein

Narrated by

Mariska Hargitay

Original Music

Hayes Greenfield

Music Score Producer

John Califra


Vincent Chancey, French horn
Ratzo Harris, Bass
Manuel Valera, Piano

Field Producer

Jeremy Newberger

Additional Photography

Ed Fabry
Victor Gallo
Brian Ochrym
Olin Smith


Andy Davis
Mark Kaplan
David Mehlman
J. C. Schlageter
Dusty Terwilliger

Postproduction Supervision

Libby Kreutz

Production Associates

Julia M. Finn
Elyse Steinberg

Production Assistants

Charles Baraff
Tyler Mandel
Christopher Zinsli

Animation by

Michael Feuer, Animation Producer
Lee Mylks, CG Supervisor

Sound Mixer

Ed Campbell

Sound Editor

Rachel Campbell

On-Line Editor

Jon Fordham

Assistant Editor

Harrison Bohrman

Production Accounting

Amy Meharg


Faraone Communications, Inc.

Archival Photos/Footage

ABCNews VideoSource
©1986 Newsday, Inc.
Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Silverstein Properties

Additional Animation and Artist Renderings Provided by

Lower Manhattan Development Corporation

Special Thanks

Johnny Bechard
Sante Esposito
Marc Guss
Brett Heimov
Gary Mantoosh
Erwin More
Michael Schafler
Kristen and Lillian Kramer
Mindy M. Krazmien and Sander J. Miller
Eileen, Kate, Jake, and Ben
Janet, Arthur and Tyler

This program was produced by Great Projects Film Company, Inc. which is solely responsible for its content.

©2006 by Great Projects Film Company, Inc.


This program was made possible by:
The New York State Dept. of Transportation
American Society of Civil Engineers
Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers
The Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Public Broadcasting Service

Image Credits

Photograph contributions:

Home Page

Transportation hub rendering:

Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

The Freedom Tower:
Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP / dbox

Web Site Credits

Sequel site design and development by Davisual Design, Inc. for Great Projects Film Company

Design Director

Andria Davis Kaye

Reporter/ Writer

Amy Rubin

Production Supervisor

Libby Kreutz

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