About the Filmmakers

About Aileen O’Sullivan

Producer/Director Aileen OíSullivan has directed documentaries, theater, and radio broadcasts and has worked as a producer, writer, actor, teacher and journalist in New Zealand. Among her recent film credits as producer or producer/director are the documentaries The Family, An Inside Story, The Golden Hour and Wit!, examining various social and historic issues within the New Zealand community. For New Zealand television, she directed Gypsy, about Lee Grantís role as Mama Rose and The Further Adventures of the Black Stallion, a Canadian/New Zealand co-production. Among her theater directing credits are Tom Stoppardís The Real Thing and Caryl Churchillís Top Girls for the Court Theatre.

About Toby Mills

Producer Toby Mills is a producer, actor and director. His latest documentary, Up For Grabs, looks at the impact of the intellectual property system on Maori and the appropriation of traditional symbols, images and words in the global marketplace. Other recent documentaries include Journey of Discovery, Driven, Syd Jackson: Life & Times of a Fully Fledged Activist and My Home. Toby is also Artistic Director/Manager of Moana and the tribe for their International Concert Program throughout Europe. They have performed over 300 concerts since they started touring in 2002.

Mills was awarded three Nokia Television Awards for Best Maori Program of the Year on New Zealand television.

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