Black Grace in the Present

Today, Black Grace is New Zealand's leading contemporary dance company. Melding Pacific and contemporary dance in an extraordinary and dynamic form, Black Grace has become internationally renowned for its artistry, creative excellence and innovation, while also becoming the world's leading exponent of Pacific-infused contemporary dance.

Following the completion of the film, Black Grace underwent a period of transformation. Ieremia and all but one of the previous company parted ways, and Black Grace was reformed with new dancers, this time female. In an interview with the New Zealand Herald, Ieremia said about his time at Jacob’s Pillow: “Externally everything was looking so good— and I was at the loneliest point of my whole life.”

Neil brings to Black Grace an abiding belief in three key Samoan principles.

Fa'amaoni (integrity, honesty and pride), Fa'amalosi/Loto Tele (perseverance and determination) and Fa'aloalo (humility and respect).
"Art is an important part of who we are as a young nation. Our stories, ideas and expression of these are just as valid and important as those from Europe and America. Why can't a New Zealand dance company be the best in the world? We're the only ones standing in our way.”

His new work for Black Grace, called “Amata,” which means ‘begin” in Samoan, debuted in spring 2007. A North American tour is planned for 2008.

In a deeply felt interview, Choreographer Neil Ieremia reflects on the great changes that took place in his company and his hopes for the future.

Video Icon The death of Black Grace (video length: 5:04)

Video Icon Building a new company (video length: 7:56)

Video Icon The future of Black Grace (video length: 5:43)

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