>> David Roussève

David Rousseve

Part of my artistic agenda is to create a dialogue with as many communities and audiences as possible, both on and off stage, by using African American culture to speak on universal issues of the heart.
David Roussève

BrotherMen: They Were and Are Our Prophets and Griots, by Demetria Royals

Each BrotherMan knew, in his own way, that a new day was coming, and it was time for us as people, to get ready, in the words of BrotherMan songwriter/singer Curtis Mayfield.

They also knew and heeded the song of another group of BrotherMen, the Four Tops: "In the garden that you've seeded, be a friend when a friend is needed/Then you won't have to look the other way."

And so each of these artists/activists at a particular time in their history and careers, set about the privilege of continuing to be able to call the name of the ancestors, through music, dance, photography and philanthropic work, thereby passing on the charge and cultural responsibility to all African Americans, which is to continue to "Keep on children, don't you get weary..."


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>> Pops Staples

Pops Staples

Affirmative music was just a thought I had to myself, that I could sing something and get people to listen, and maybe they would be better to one another.
Pops Staples

>> Kenneth Gamble & Leon Huff

Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff

Gamble and Huff are a true symbol of brotherhood and unity. We've survived all kinds of situations, and the bond we share, our common denominator, the glue that brought us together -- and keeps us together -- is our love for the music. So, respect each other, because respect creates power, honesty and strength. Don't abuse the music. Give the music the respect it needs to grow.
Kenneth Gamble

And the beat goes on.
Leon Huff

>> Chester Higgins Jr.

Chester Higgins Jr.

Chester Higgins Jr.


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