Community Education Workshops

A primary goal of the Children of the Camps Documentary and Educational Project is to bring the documentary to various communities and facilitate discussions about the internment experience. It is our hope that individuals and families will participate in this intergenerational experience and that through this educational medium we will be able to further our healing process.

Through these workshops, it is our hope that the project will help further the healing process of individuals and families touched by WW II internment, and create broader awareness of the ongoing impact of the internment experience.

For more information regarding Community Education Workshops, please contact the Children of the Camps Documentary and Educational Project at the phone number or email address below.

Training Workshops

Since the experience of the Japanese Americans serves to illustrate the traumatic consequences of all forms of oppression, and the group process depicted in the documentary provides an excellent model for a culturally relevant approach to addressing the mental health consequences of racism, the Children of the Camps Documentary and Educational Project will make available screenings and training for mental health professionals and educational institutions.

If you or your organization is interested in hosting or sponsoring a Children of the Camps Community Education Workshop, Training Workshop, or Screening (available throughout the United States), please fill out the Workshop Form, or contact:

Kim Ina, Workshop Coordinator
(916) 452-3008

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