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Interviews Used in Crucible of Empire

Crucible of Empire: The Spanish-American War contains numerous interviews with historians, scholars, and experts on the Spanish-American War. Using the interview list below, you can click on a name and download a Film Transcript of the interview in Microsoft Word Format. (All opinions expressed in these interviews are those of the interview subjects. PBS, Great Projects Film Company, and South Carolina ETV disclaim any responsibility for the views expressed in each interview.)

Ambrose, Stephen:
Historian and Best-Selling Author of Books on Diplomatic History, World War II, and Lewis and Clark. Author of Rise To Globalism..
Beisner, Robert L:
Author of Books and Articles On Anti-Imperialism and Professor of History at American University. Author of Twelve Against Empire.
Brands, H. W.:
1890s Historian and Professor of History at Texas A&M University. Author of TR: the Last Romantic.
Brinkley, Douglas:
Historian and Head of the Eisenhower Center at the University of New Orleans. Author of American Heritage History of the United States.
Camagay, Maria Luisa T.:
Professor of History at the University of the Philippines
Ferrer, Ada:
Professor of Cuban History at New York University and Author of Insurgent Cuba.
Gable, John:
Theodore Roosevelt Biographer and Executive Director of the Theodore Roosevelt Association at Sagamore Hill.
Gaines, Kevin K.:
Professor of History and African-American Studies at the University of Texas at Austin and Author of Uplifting the Race.
Hoganson, Kristen L.:
Professor of Gender History at Harvard University and Author of Fighting for American Manhood.
Jose, Ricardo T. :
Professor of Military History at the University of the Philippines
Knight, Franklin W. :
Professor of Caribbean History at the Johns Hopkins University and author of Slave Society In Cuba During the Nineteenth Century.
Lafeber, Walter:
Professor of History at Cornell University and author of The New Empire.
Milton, Joyce:
Author of The Yellow Kids, A book on Yellow Journalism.
Nasaw, David:
William Randolph Hearst Biographer and Professor of History at the City University of New York.
O'toole, G. J. A.:
Popular Historian and author of The Spanish War
Pérez, Louis A., Jr.:
Professor of Cuban History at the University of North Carolina and author of The War of 1898.
Virata, Cesar Aguinaldo:
Emilio Aguinaldo's grand-nephew and former Prime Minister of the Philippines

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