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Call 1-800-364-8200 to order the following book
"Ciao Sicilia" $24.95 Plus $6.00 S&H
  • Approximately 200 pages
  • Over 100 recipes plus "The Sicilian Pantry"
  • More than 50 color photographs of delectable dishes and the chefs in action.
  • Archival photographs chronicle Sicilian roots.
  • Color commentary--as only Damian and Johnny can provide--accompany the recipes.

To order this book call 1-800-364-8200
Send Check or Money Order To:

Cucina Sicilia
4343 Elgin Boulevard
Houston, TX 77204-0008

Cucina Sicilia's culinary stars, Damian Mandola and Johnny Carrabba, combine great food and lively humor in PBS's top-rated Italian cooking series Cucina Amore and in CIAO SICILIA they deliver all the recipes of the series--and more. The dishes are based on family classics that find their roots in Sicily at the southern tip of the Mediterranean. From the Greeks, to the Romans, the Arabs, the Normans, the French and the Spanish, each conqueror and wayfarer have strongly left their influence on the foods of Sicily.

Not only have these foreign civilizations converged on Sicily throughout its history with conquest in mind, but they usually brought with them new ingredients, customs and food traditions that remained long after they left. Blend these foreign techniques with simple peasant ingredients, including the fresh catch of the sea, and pick of the garden, and Sicilian cuisine was born. With an appreciation for full bodied comfort food, Damian and Johnny deliver both flavor and convenience in a handsome full color cookbook.



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