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damian MandolaDamian Mandola - Biography

When Damian Mandola talks about Texas, he's also talking about food. When he talks about his family's native Italy, he's talking food. When he talks about friends, he's talking food. And when Damian talks about family, he's most certainly talking about food. More -->

Johnny CarrabbaJohnny Carrabba - Biography

Think of a famous chef, and adjectives such as "serious," "rigid," or even "arrogant " may come to mind, not so with Johnny Carrabba. Johnny's style of cooking is, well, fun. Talking about his PBS show, Cucina Amore, with uncle and fellow chef Damian Mandola, Johnny says, "We're having fun… I mean that's what cooking is all about… having fun. Getting people's minds off of everyday stress and everyday chores… cooking is fun, you know, its entertainment." More-->

For information on Carrabba's Italian Grill, click here



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