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Program Descriptions

Damian Mandola and Johnny Carrabba return to the Cucina Amore set for 13 new episodes of food and fun in Cucina Sicilia. Houston's favorite cooking duo demonstrate the culinary classics of their native Sicily, featuring comfort food at its best and kitchen humor at its most entertaining.

Episode 101 Roast to Happiness

Pork Loin Roasted with Garlic, Rosemary and Fennel opens our new season. Damian and Johnny return, better than ever, with a traditional Sicilian appetizer of Pasta with Dried Tuna Roe and a dessert of Chocolate Almond Tartlets made with homemade marzipan.

Episode 102 Way Down South in Sicily

Damian and Johnny prepare Sicilian Chicken Cacciatora, "Chicken Hunter's Wife Style," filled with colorful Italian plum tomatoes, bell peppers and leeks. To finish off such hearty splendor, they introduce to their guests smooth, refreshing Watermelon Pudding.

Episode 103 You are My Delicious Memory

Damian and Johnny stir up memories of family in Texas and Sicily as they make fried zucchini. Then Damian demonstrates his butchering techniques veal chop, for one of their favorite dishes, Orecchi di Elefante or Veal Chops the Size of Elephant Ears. For dessert they serve Ricotta Fritters.

Episode 104 Love Me Tender

Johnny and Damian introduce us to some of their first food memories of Sicily. They start the meal by preparing Pasta with Sardines and Fennel and then create Shrimp in Tomato and Caper Sauce. To top it all off they bake brioche rolls and fill them with an Italian favorite, gelato.

Episode 105 Shanks a Lot

Johnny and Damian start the meal off Pasta con Cucuzza e Fave featuring native Sicilian squash. Then they cook up a fabulous Roast Pork Shank and for dessert whip up Grandma Mandola's Chocolate Bianca Mangiare.

Episode 106 Home Is Where the Kitchen Is

Johnny and Damian treat their guests to Chicken Breast Stuffed with Italian Sausage. This dish is served with Rigatoni alla Carrao, a special pasta created by a family friend in Sicily. The meal is finished with Damian's favorite dessert, Tatý, Chocolate & Lemon Biscuit Balls.

Episode 107 Ossobuco

To start Johnny and Damian whip up Sicilian Fried Stuffed Rice Croquettes (Arancine) and serve up a delicious Ossobuco, an artichoke and veal stew. For dessert, viewers are treated to sweet Peach Granita. Plus Kathy Casey shakes up for the guys some Lemoncello Lemon Drops.

Episode 108 Saint Joseph's Day Feast

A celebration, Saint Joseph's Day represents home, health and thanksgiving to all Sicilians. In honor of the day, Johnny and Damian concoct a unique Minestrone served not with cheese but with finely chopped fennel and dill weed. They follow with a rich Swordfish and tomato dish. For a finale, Johnny and Damian make a rustic dessert, Baked Cassata.

Episode 109 Simple, Sweet & Tart

Chick-Pea Fritters start off the menu. Then Johnny and Damian make Rabbit Sweet and "Tart" Stew, Congilio alla Agrodolce. For dessert the chefs make Caramelized Custard Apples.

Episode 110 Luscious Lemon

Johnny begins with a fantastic recipe of Linguine con Pesto, followed by Fried Stuffed Sardines. For dessert, Johnny and Damian serve braided Lemon Cookies, Taralli.

Episode 111 The Taste of Trapani

While Damian demonstrates his technique for preparing an artichoke, Johnny readies the batter just in time to fry the flavorful vegetables. For the main course they demonstrate a combination of chicken and shrimp in Couscous alla Trapanese. For dessert they make Virgin Breast's or Minni di Vergini.

Episode 112 O' Palermo

After boiling up some Palermo style Bucatini and Cauliflower, Johnny and Damian roll up the Swordfish stuffed with a delicately flavored cheese from the region of Messina. Crowning this achievement, Johnny and Damian prepare marvelous little cakes made out of pistachios, Il Mazariso. Plus Johnny, Damian and Kathy Casey stir up some Basil Martinis accompanied by Stuffed Olives.

Episode 113 Sweet Sicily

Johnny and Damian begin with Frittata of Potato, Zucchini and Sweet Peppers. Then they concoct a Lamb stew with Rosemary and Red wine. The menu is rounded out with a Walnut and Fig Torte. Kathy Casey joins the guys and shows them how to make an Italian margarita, the Grappa Rita.


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