Daring to Resist

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daring to resist timeline of events

1924-1932Shulamit Lack
Shula in traditional Hungarian dress.

Historical Event
Nazis become a powerful political force in Germany.

Barbara Rodbell
Born Berlin.
Father successful lawyer.

Shulamit Lack
Born to influential Budapest family.
Learns to use gun.

Faye Schulman
Born to large family in Lenin, Poland.
Father active in synagogue.
Mother has restaurant in their home.

1933Barbara and her sister Susanna Ledermann.
Barbara and her sister Susanna Ledermann.

Historical Event
Hitler comes to power.
New German laws restrict Jews.

Barbara Rodbell
Barbara First experiences anti-Semitism.
Family moves to Amsterdam.

1934Barbara Ledermann with Margot Frank (2nd row).
Barbara Ledermann with Margot Frank (2nd row).

Barbara Rodbell
Barbara befriends Anne and Margot Frank.
Barbara starts ballet lessons.

Shulamit Lack
Shula called a "dirty Jew" by classmate.

1938Hitler reviews SS troops.
Hitler reviews SS troops.

Historical Event
Germany annexes Austria.
Kristallnacht (night of broken glass).
Synagogues burned.
Thousands of Jews arrested.

Hermann Goering
Hermann Goering, Commander in Chief of the Luftwaffe Goering.

Historical Events
Germany invades Western Poland.
Russia invades Eastern Poland.
World War II begins.

Shulamit Lack
Shula joins Zionist youth movement.

Faye Schulman
Faye's town occupied by Soviets.

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