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The Program

Watch the TrailerDestination America is organized around some of the driving forces that have compelled individuals to immigrate to America for centuries and have remained constant throughout history — economic opportunity, religious freedom and artistic expression. As well, the series looks at the particular forces that drive women to come to America in search of opportunity and the basic human rights they had been denied in their homelands.

Contemporary stories are the centerpiece of each episode, along with historic portraits of immigrants who came before. The past and present day experiences of immigrants resonate with each other. To say goodbye to everything you have known and loved and set off for another country has always been a wrenching experience. The films focus on the world the immigrants left behind, the roots that defined them, and the frustrations, hardships, discontents and ambitions that made and continues to make America their destination.

Episode Guide

Episode One - The Golden Door
Episode Two - The Art Of Departure
Episode Three - The Earth Is The Lord's
Episode Four - Breaking Free: A Woman's Journey

The Filmmakers

David Grubin is a director, writer, and cinematographer. His many films range across a wide variety of disciplines: science, poetry, psychology and history. Stephen Stept produced, wrote and directed the first episode, The Golden Door. Chana Gazit produced the fourth, Breaking Free: A Woman's Journey.

Stations & Showtimes

The new series of four one-hour episodes debuts Wednesday, October 19 and 26 from 9 to 11 p.m. ET on PBS. Check your local stations for air dates and show times.

The Book

A companion book based on the series is being published by D.K. Publishing Inc. in conjunction with the PBS broadcast. Destination America is an absorbing narrative of how the United States came to be a nations of nations and the world's foremost multicultural society.


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Program credits for the four Destination America episodes.

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