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The Destination America Teacher's Guide offers educators lesson plans based on Five Freedoms featured in the immigration documentary: Freedom from Fear, Freedom to Create, Freedom from Oppression, Freedom from Want and Freedom of Religion. The lesson plans draw from both Destination America, the four-part series, and from Destination America, the book, along with a wide range of other resources.

Freedom to Worship

Students will investigate reasons why people have sought to seek freedom to worship in the United States and some of the difficulties and issues facing them in their immigration.

Freedom from Oppression

Students will explore historical and current genocides and develop "magazine (or newspaper) pages" reporting on their research. Students will also debate how the international community should react to genocide.

Freedom from Want

Students will examine the many problems immigrants have faced in trying to assimilate into American society. Students will use their research to write a "first person" account of the successes and failures these groups have in realizing the "American Dream."

Freedom from Fear

Students will learn about the process of applying for asylum through a mock trial involving the case of Rodi Alvarado.

Freedom to Create

Students will research foreign-born artists who came to America and the impact they had on American society and culture.

About the Author:
Michael Hutchison is a social studies teacher at Lincoln High School in Vincennes, Indiana. He has written lessons for several PBS programs, including The Civil War, Baseball, Horatio's Drive, and Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson. Recognized regionally and nationally for his use of classroom technology, Michael is a faculty member for Connected University, as well as a member of the board of directors of the Indiana Computer Educators.

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