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What You Can Do to Protect Ecosystems

What You Can Do | Individual Action | Community & Beyond

Individually and together, we can begin right now to protect and restore Earth's ecosystems. There are more than 90 million households in the United States. Think what it would mean if every household made even small changes in defense of our ecosystems. It only requires paying attention to how our choices impact our planet. A good way to begin is by doing exactly what you're doing now — learning the facts about ecosystem degradation. Here are some actions you can take, with information to help you get started.

Individual Actions At Work
Turn off the tap. Get your office to reduce CO2 emissions.
Use water-conserving plumbing fixtures. Promote recycling.
Use compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs.  
Use Energy Star Product. In Your Community
Lower your pesticide intake. Become a citizen scientist.
Reduce exposure to toxic pesticides in your garden; don't use them. Organize or join a community cleanup campaign.
Buy and use certified wood. Talk with friends and family about
Buy eco-friendly flooring. Become well informed.
If you eat seafood, make sure it's harvested sustainably. Join organizations that express your point of view.
Minimize your share of solid waste.  

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