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Download the Discussion Guide for Earth on Edge, which looks at the vital connection between ecosystems and human well-being. The guide stimulates conversation about our impact on ecosystems and what must be done to save them. (Free Adobe Acrobat Reader required)

Host a viewing party

A viewing party at your home or other setting is a chance to enjoy watching earth on edge with friends, family, neighbors or colleagues. Before the program airs, or right after, take an hour to discuss or debate ecosystem concerns, and share ideas about what each person can do on behalf of ecosystem health.

Throwing a party can be fun and informal. Have a potluck or dessert party. Or just make some popcorn to enjoy during the broadcast. Be sure to download the Discussion Guide above, which includes sample discussion points and lists of resources and groups.

If you want to spend a little more time preparing for the party, or if you want to make your discussion a little more structured, consider asking your group of participants to think about some questions before they get together. Consider focusing the group on a goal for the evening, like identifying a significant local ecosystem issue — from concerns about land-use planning to energy or water shortages to creating a new recreational area or green space in your town — and brainstorming solutions. You might consider having one person volunteer to facilitate the discussion, or serve as "rappateur" — capturing some of the most interesting and salient comments or ideas, and sharing them on the Earth On Edge website Bulletin Board in coming weeks or with a local newspaper.

If you want to organize or participate in a discussion bigger than your living room can hold, you could help organize a community viewing event: talk to your colleagues about holding a viewing party at your workplace; organize a viewing party at your place of worship; contact your community center, library, town hall, or local college or university about organizing a public program viewing and discussion; ask a local environmental organization to hold a viewing party at their offices; encourage a local retailer known for its environmental commitment to host a viewing party in a local venue.

These events don't have to happen the night of the broadcast. Video copies of Earth On Edge for ongoing discussion are available for educational, grassroots, and home use through Films for the Arts and Humanities, 1-800-257-5126 or at

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