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Bill Moyers Reports: Earth on Edge is a production of Public Affairs Television, Inc. in collaboration with the World Resources Institute, presented on PBS by Thirteen/WNET in New York.

Pamela Hogan

Gail Ablow

Alison Amron

Kansas, South Africa and Brazil

Leslie Clark

Field Producers
Candace White
Deborah Grau

Alison Amron
British Columbia and Mongolia

Gail Ablow

Field Producer
Deborah Grau

Rob Kuhns
Gail Ablow
Leslie Clark
Pamela Hogan
Bill Moyers

Original Music
Jamie Lawrence

Design Director
Dale Robbins
Pie Design

Graphics Producer
Abbe Daniel

Directors of Photography
Mark Falstad
Joel Shapiro
Bill McMillin
Francois Bisson

Tom Ewing
Heidi Hesse
Roger Phenix
Bill Ruth

Production Assistant
Karla Murthy

Field Producer in Brazil
Tania Cypriano

Faizel Adams
Adele Baleta
CP Language Institute
Michelle Andrews Gayle
Andi Mafu
Zolboo Naranbaatariin
Moeketsi Setona

Additional Camera
Gary Griffin
Alan Pierce
Brian Hwang
Avid Assistants
Tom Brown
Katy Mostoller

Ned Hallick

Tim Cereste
Jim Meek

Brian Hwang
John Roche

Alan Pierce
Jason Zampino

Production Assistant
Christopher Saunders

Debra Phillips-Kunkel

Barbara DiBeneditto

Post Production Editor
Don Wyllie
Frame:Runner, Inc.

Re-recording Mixer
Grant Maxwell
Sync Sound

Sound Editor
Ray Palagy
Sync Sound

Graphic Animation

Archival Footage
  • ABC News VideoSource
  • Associated Press
  • Television News
  • CBC-TV
  • Cepeue - IBAMA
  • CNN ImageSource
  • C-SPAN
  • Getty Images/Image Bank Film
  • Greenpeace Rainforest Conservation Society
  • Greenpeace USA
  • Iisaak Forest Resources
  • MNTV
  • National Archives
  • National Geographic Television
  • Production Magic
  • Rainforest Action Network
  • Warren Rudd
  • Sierra Club
  • Weyerhaeuser
  • Kansas State Historical Society
  • The Living Earth
  • Robert M. Peck
  • The Rijksmuseum
  • David Sanders
  • Alfred Bierstadt, Buffalo Trail: The Impending Storm, 1869. Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
Additional Music
Balzhan Khatane Duun
Khun Shubuun
Yerenel Yanal

©1999, Published by Global Village Music and Old Country Music.
Used with permission.

Caldo de Cana
Cavaleiro do Sol
Chegaça de Mouros
Indígena Voz da Mata
Kuarup e toque para lurubá

Composed and published by Antúlio Maduereira.
Used with permission.

Special Thanks
  • Erdenebaatar Batjargal, Ph.D
  • Ken Bowles and Mary Schaeffer, NRCS
  • Cape Nature Conservancy
  • Cepeue - IBAMA
  • Coastal Reef Project (FMM/IADB)
  • Pew Fellows Program in Marine Conservation
  • Hottentots-Holland Nature Reserve
  • Katherine Hunter Asia Foundation
  • Loy Jones, Smartwood
  • The Jonkerhoek Nature Reserve
  • KFRM Radio
  • Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve
  • KSAL Radio
  • The Land Institute
  • Mongolia Society, Inc.
  • Nomadic Expeditions
  • Matthew Price, NRDC
Business Affairs Manager
Diana Warner

Executive Assistant
Friema Norkin

Research Assistant
Rob Addy

Kelly & Salerno Communications

Project Coordinator
Joelle Jaffe

Production Coordinator
Little Wing Lee

Director of Special Projects
Deborah Rubenstein

Director of Production
Felice Firestone

Executive Producers
Judy Doctoroff O'Neill
Judith Davidson Moyers

Executive Editor
Bill Moyers

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