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Designer Sonia Harris, Avian Mind Design
Producer David Neiman, Avian Mind Design
Content ContributersHarry Marshall
Research AssistantDavid Ley, ABC/Kane Productions
Executive ProducerPBS Online
Program Credits
Narrated by Anne Bancroft
Executive Producer Alex Gregory
Supervising Producer Ann F. Kim
Written by Harry Marshall
Produced by Harry Marshall
Edited by Jill Garrett
Cinematography by Alphonse Roy
Music by Laura Karpman
Additional Cinematography by Ted Giffords
Assistant Camera N. Devarajan
Associate Producer Laura Marshall
Production Manager Fiona Mackenzie
Research S. Saravanakumar
Barnaby Taylor
Dubbing Editor Paul Clark
Dubbing Mixer Graham Wild
On-line Editor Tim Bolt
Post Production Supervisor Leigh R. Harrison
Assistant Editor Tom Halasz
Production Secretary David Ley
Re-Recording Mixers Mark Linden
Alan Decker
Tara Paul
Sound Design Clifford Hoelscher
Music Supervisor Nancy Severinsen
Map Design View Studios
Field Consultants: Dr. V. Krishnamoorthy
Ajay A. Desai
Karthikeyan Vasudevan
Narayan Ishwar
N. Bhaskar
Sushma Rao
Cornelia Bertsch
The Producers Gratefully Acknowledge the Aid of: Sanjay Srivatsava, Wildlife Warden, Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary
A. Udayan, Wildlife Warden, Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary
Field Trackers Ganesan and Sakthivel
S. Deb Roy
For ABC/Kane Productions:
Director of Business Affairs William Larkin
Business Manager Elizabeth Vallentine
Production Controller John Estaban
Worldwide Distribution by: Devillier Donegan Enterprises

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