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Nature: The Elephant Men

As mentioned by Harry Marshall, Indian farmers have regular difficulties with elephants. Delve deeper into their stories in "Nature: The Elephant Men." In "The Elephant Men," venerated elephant trainer named Dr. Krishnamurthy and several of his young trainees, or mahouts, travel 1,500 miles from their homes to aid a beleaguered village.

Nature: Echo and the Elephants
Now that you're learned about Asian elephants, learn a little something about their African counterparts. In this episode of "Nature," renowned researcher Cynthia Moss, who has studied the matriarch Echo and her elephant family for a quarter of a century, returns to Africa's Amboseli National Park, home of these majestic creatures.

Nature: The Elephants of Africa

And learn even more about the African elephant courtesy of "Nature: The Elephants of Africa." Get the scoop on the life cycle of the elephant (and just how that trunk works), learn about the ivory trade and elephant poaching, and see our online and print resources for further elephant education.

Nature: India, Land of the Tiger
Elephants aren't the only amazing creatures that call India home. The companion Web site to "India: Land of the Tiger" presents the Indian subcontinent in all its beauty, offering a tour of the country's different regions, close ups of the diverse populace, and pieces about the nation's relationship to its wildlife (especially, the tiger).

Six Billion and Beyond: India

Want to know more about the nation that is home to Anamalai? Visit the India section of "Six Billion and Beyond," a PBS program about population issues affecting the planet. Read an overview about India today, and find additional information about the environment, reproductive health, the economy, and the status of women.

A Force More Powerful: India 1930-31

This is another site about the cultural history of India (as opposed to the country's natural history). Still, it's incredibly compelling. "A Force More Powerful" tells the story of successful fights for freedom in the 20th century. This part of the site relates the history of Mohandas Gandhi, and how he led the fight against the English, who had occupied his country.
Other Online Resources

Elephant Information Repository

The Elephant Information Repository has a large amount of information on elephants, from their anatomy to the cultures they form in the wild. Also, it is an important source for links, news, conservation, books and much more. The focus of this site is to share some of the amazing stories, facts, and characteristics of the largest land mammal still in existence today.

The Elephant Sanctuary
The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, founded in 1995, is America's first natural habitat refuge developed specifically for endangered Asian elephants. It operates on 800 acres surrounded by a 3,000-acre buffer zone in the town of Hohenwald, Tennessee -- 65 miles outside of Nashville. It is a non-profit organization, licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, designed specifically for old, sick, or needy elephants who have been retired from zoos and circuses.

Friends of the Asian Elephant
India isn't the only place where Asian elephants live. And Thailand's elephants, both wild and domesticated, are now struggling for their survival. Since its inception in 1993, Friends of the Asian Elephant, a foundation that has provided medical treatment for numbers of elephants, has sought increased support to continue their pioneering work and pursue their goal of returning elephants to their natural habitats.

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