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Arctic Journeys: To Alaska's Bering Land Bridge
The Arctic Journeys have been designed as educational adventures for students grades 4-9. They are both a chance for students to visit an exciting new location and an inspiring way to put them in the role of explorer. As they examine ancient artifacts, consider natural wonders and explore the culture of native Alaskans, students will use their skills in science, social studies, geography and more.

The Harriman Expedition Retraced: A Century of Change
In 1899, Edward Harriman assembled a distinguished team of scientists and artists and took them on a two-month survey of the Alaska Coast. In the Harriman Expedition Retraced, scientists, naturalists and artists are observing anew the sites visited by Harriman's scouting parties a century ago.

The Living Edens: Denali, Alaska's Great Wilderness
Called by Indians "Denali," or "high one," it is the highest mountain in North America. Filmmaker Bruce Reitherman captures all the seasons in this preserved wilderness. This land of extreme contrasts is populated by prowling wolves, foraging caribou, hearty Dall sheep, incredible wood frogs and powerful grizzlies, among many others.

Newton's Apple: Glaciers
These two lesson plans, provided by Newton's Apple, examine the make-up of glaciers and how they move. In addition, numerous web resources are listed that have to do with glaciers.

NOVA: Avalanche!
From tornadoes to hurricanes to volcanoes, NOVA has pioneered the popular genre of documentary films on natural disasters. Now NOVA heads behind the scenes to show how it captures nature's fury on film. Explore a place where the art of film making meets the science of natural disasters.

NOVA: Cracking the Ice Age
During the past billion years, the Earth's climate has fluctuated between warm periods - sometimes even completely ice-free - and cold periods, when glaciers scoured the continents. The cold periods - or ice ages - are times when the entire Earth experiences notably colder climatic conditions. This web site explains the science behind this phenomenon.

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On the Internet

National Park Service: Glacier Bay
The National Park Service's Glacier Bay web site is the premier source of information about Glacier Bay on the web. The site includes information about visiting Glacier Bay, activities in the park, learning more about the park, research conducted in the park, the latest park news, and the park book store.

All About Glaciers!
This site, produced by the government's National Snow and Ice Data Center, provides an excellent overview of the science behind glaciers. Content includes glacier facts, questions and answers, a glossary, a gallery, bibliography and links to glacier information, news about recent glacier happenings, and a quick tour through the life of a glacier.

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