the Living Edens video tapes Travel to some of the most exotic places on Earth and encounter an alluring realm of wild extremes when you add "The Living Edens" to your video collection. Order the Denali, Namib and Patagonia three pack, or pick up copies of the Anamalai, Bhutan, Canyonlands, , Etosha, Glacier Bay, Kamchatka, South Georgia Island, Thailand, Borneo, Kakadu, and Yellowstone videos today at shopPBS!

Educators can also promote understanding and appreciation of our planet with these awe-inspiring lessons in environmental harmony. Schools, libraries, and other educational institutions can purchase Anamalai, Bhutan, Borneo, Canyonlands, Denali, Etosha, Glacier Bay, Kakadu, Kamchatka, Manu, Namib, South Georgia Island, Thailand, Patagonia, and Yellowstone from PBS VIDEO.
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