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Kakadu - Australia's Ancient Wilderness Purchase Video

"The Living Edens: Kakadu, Australia's Ancient Wilderness" on the Web:

PBS Online Staff

Ann F. Kim, Supervising Producer, ABC/Kane Productions International, Inc.

David Neiman, Avian Mind Design,

The New Media Group, Web Design and Development,

Dr. Adam Britton

Ian Morris, Environmental Educator

"The Living Edens: Borneo, Island in the Clouds" on Television:

Peter Coyote, Narrator

Alex Gregory, Executive Producer

Dennis B. Kana, Executive Producer

Rory McGuinness, Producer, Photographer

Rebecca Scott, Producer, Location Sound

Paula Deats, Writer

David Luffman, Editor

Ann Kim, Supervising Producer

Matt Cadwallader. Photographer

Wade Fairley, Additional Photography

Matt Lamble, Additional Photography

Laura Karpman, Music

Bryce Grunden, Location Sound

Mark Street, Sound Editor

Nicholas Soames, Sound Editor

Jeni Clevers, Production Manager

Pia Abrahams, Production Manager

Nell White, Production Manager

Melissa Trantino, Production Assistant

Jude Finlayson, Colorist

Chris Edwards, Video Post Production

Ronnie Oliver, Video Post Production

Brent Pierson, Coordinating Producer

Eran Hayden, Series Associate Editor

Leigh R. Harrison, Post Production Coordinator

Amy Rosenburg, Research Coordinator

Jay Segimoto, Henry Editor

Mark Linden, Re-Recording Mixer

Alan Decker, Re-Recording Mixer

Tara Paul, Re-Recording Mixer

Clifford Hoelscher, Sound Design

Nancy Severinsen, Music Supervisor

View Studios, Map Design

Wayne Fitzgerald Film Design, Beth Gallagher, Stan Kellam, Series Title Sequence

Pittard Sullivan, Series Title Graphics

Alan Anderson, Scientific Consultant

Michael Douglas, Scientific Consultant

Greg Miles, Scientific Consultant

Ian Morris, Scientific Consultant

Grahame Webb, Scientific Consultant

For Australian Broadcasting Company/nhu:

Dione Gilmour, Executive Producer

For ABC/Kane Productions:

William Larkin, Director of Business Affairs

Roy I. Ennis, Production Controller

Tom Caliandro, Development

Meg Daly Olmert, Development

J. Nicoll Durrie, President

Worldwide distribution by Devillier Donegan Enterprises


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