The Living Edens Madagascar-A World Apart Credits

The Narrator: Maya Angelou

Dr. Maya AngelouAccomplished author Maya Angelou acts as guide for THE LIVING EDENS “Madagascar: A World Apart.” A trueRenaissance woman, Dr. Maya Angelou has been a leading author, performer, and civil-rights activist for most of her 69 years. She has written best-selling collections of poetry, music, and screenplays and has made hundreds of appearances on both network and local television talk shows, including a one-hour interview with Bill Moyers on the PBS special, "Facing Evil." She has appeared on such programs as "Sesame Street" and "Touched by an Angel," and her renowned autobiographical account of her youth, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, was a special for CBS in 1979. Angelou received an Emmy nomination for her supporting role in the 1977 production of "Roots," and the coveted Golden Eagle Award for her PBS special "Afro-American in the Arts." Currently, Dr Angelou lectures throughout the United States and abroad and is a Reynolds professor of American Studies at Wake Forest University in North Carolina.

The Living Edens "Madagascar: A World Apart" on the Web:

PBS Online Staff, Content Development and Producer

Ann F. Kim, Supervising Producer, ABC/Kane Productions International, Inc.

Amy Rosenberg, Production Secretary

The New Media Group, Web Design and Development,

Dr. Laurie Godfrey, Author, "Eden Evolution"

Dr. Claire Kremen, Author, "Paradise in Peril"

Dr. Kenneth Glander, Author, "What's a Lemur?"

Christopher Raxworthy, Contributing Author, "A Truly Bizarre Lizard"

The Living Edens "Madagascar: A World Apart" Television Credits:

Andrew Young, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, Writer

Susan Todd, Producer

Alex Gregory, Executive Producer

Dennis B. Kane, Executive Producer

Ann F. Kim, Supervising Producer

Eran Hayden, Assistant Editor

Maya Angelou, Narrator

Phil Ball, Additional Timelapse Cinematography

Homer Robinson, Assistant Camera

Laura Karpman, Music

Nancy Severinsen, Music Supervisor

Clifford Hoelscher, Sound Design

Susan Todd, Location Sound

Frank Hawkins, Location Coordinator

Mark Pidgeon, Location Coordinator

Brent Pierson, Coordinating Producer

Brian Mauriello, Post Production Coordinator

Jay Segimoto, Online Editor

Mike Cosola, Colorist

Mark Linden, Re-recording Mixer

Alan Decker, Re-recording Mixer

Amy Rosenberg, Production Secretary

For ABC/Kane Productions:

William Larkin, Production Supervisor

Roy L. Ennis, Production Controller

Tom Caliandro, Development

Meg Daly Olmert, Development

J. Nicoll Durrie, President

The Living Edens is a co-production of ABC/Kane Productions International, Inc. in association with Trebitsch Production International, GMBH, and PBS.

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