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Did you know... that the ring-tailed lemur has a black ringed fluffy white tail that is longer than its body? Find out how well you'd fare in the forests and bush of Madagascar – take this trivia challenge!

1. What kind of lemur is the only primate in the world to live its entire life over water?

A. Indri
B. Ring tailed lemur
C. Bandro
D. Verreaux's sifaka

2. What section of Madagascar is characterized by razor sharp limestones?
A. Lac Alaotra
B. Tsingy de Bemaraha
C. Kirindy
D. Ranomafana

3. What percentage of plants and animals exist nowhere else but Madagascar?
A. 90%
B. 85%
C. 75%
D. 80%

4. Off the eastern coast of what continent is Madagascar?
A. Asia
B. Africa
C. Australia
D. South America

5. What body of water separates this continent and Madagascar?
A. Indian Ocean
B. Coral Sea
C. Mozambique Channel
D. Arafura Sea

6. When did humans first arrive in Madagascar?
A. 1000 years ago
B. 500 years ago
C. More than 1500 years ago
D. 2500 years ago

7. The Verreaux's Sifaka lemur never drinks water. How does it supply its body with the necessary water for life?
A. Moisture from early morning dew
B. From the vegetation it eats
C. Insects
D. Its body recycles water

8. What is the wing span of the Madagascar Fish Eagle?
A. 8 feet
B. 10 feet
C. 7 feet
D. 6 feet

9. What is Madagascar's largest carnivore, the Fossa, an ancient relative to?
A. Leopard
B. Mongoose
C. Lion
D. Jackal

10. How many months does the Fat-tailed Dwarf lemur hibernate?
A. 6 months
B. 3 months
C. 5 months
D. 9 months

11. How does the Fat-tailed Dwarf lemur replenish its nutrition during hibernation?
A. Nibbles on dead insects
B. Uses fat stored in its tail
C. Burns fat stored in its reserve stomach
D. Eats wood grubs

12. Why do chameleons change color?
A. To camouflage themselves
B. To coordinate with surrounding habitat
C. To communicate
D. To protect themselves from harsh climates

13. What kind of lemur uses razor sharp teeth and a long probing middle claw to catch wood grubs?
A. Aye-Aye
B. Mongoose lemur
C. Small-toothed sportive lemur
D. Gray mouse lemur

14. What does the Foot-long Walking Stick use to frighten predators?
A. Skin color
B. Wings
C. A hissing sound
D. Burning saliva

15. How many different types of lemurs were on Madagascar before humans arrived?
A. 65
B. 40
C. 50
D. 70

16. How many types of lemurs still exist?
A. 25
B. 32
C. 45
D. 50

17. How long is the world's smallest chameleon, the Brookesia Minima?
A. 2 inches
B. 3 inches
C. 1/2 inch
D. 1 inch

18. How many species of chameleons exist on Madagascar?
A. 50
B. 35
C. 60
D. 40

19. Receiving less than 1 foot of rain per year, what part of Madagascar is the country's driest region?
A. Northern region
B. Southern region
C. Eastern region
D. Western region

20. How does a male radiated tortoise get a reluctant female to mate with him?
A. He bites her neck
B. He continuously grunts a mating call
C. Fights another male to the death
D. He tries to tip her over

21. How much of Madagascar's natural habitat remains intact?
A. 1/10
B. 1 / 4
C. 1 / 2
D. 3 /4


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